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now that i have regular sex i feel so sorry for those of you who dont

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Deafheaven - Windows

"There’s two samples going on there that we interweaved. One is a preacher in downtown San Francisco; they’re there all the time, yelling at crowds.

The other is Kerry doing a drug deal. He had really gotten into opiates—mostly pharmaceutical—and it was a pretty big thing he was going through at the time, I felt. I told him, “I think you should sample this.” It’s pretty raw and soul-bearing, and I thought it would work well mixed in with this preacher.

He was kinda nervous. Our parents and friends are listening to this record. But he did it, and it sounded cool. Thematically, it’s supposed to be about this guy talking about the evils of hell intermixed with one’s own personal hell and the actual realities like addiction and self-worth, not the fire and brimstone. He didn’t have a lot of money, and he was kind of desperate; he’s showcasing the true horrors that are here on earth—one’s own personal demons.”

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Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

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dancing scenes in movies are always so disgusting

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Synchronized Headbanging , fuck ya.